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Company history of “Reichel & Partner GmbH”
In 1987, the firm “Julius Peters KG Berlin” was taken over by the company “Gebr. Haake GmbH”. “Haake” pushed the sales of the Julius Peters product range and some products were relaunched and/or newly developed. Mr. Edwin Reichel was responsible for all the “Julius Peters” products. In 1994, he founded his own company “Reichel & Partner GmbH” through a management buy-out and took over the former “Julius Peters” range of products. 

Personal background
  • Successfully studied Chemical Engineering 
  • 7 years of research and development of explosive materials at Fraunhofer Institute (ICT) in Berghausen,
  • 7 years of responsibility for sales and development for the product rang “Julius Peters” at “Haake” in Karlsruhe, Germany …. 1994 established Reichel & Partner.
  • For several years, Mr Reichel is an active Member of DIN- and CEC-Work-groups.

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Reichel & Partner GmbH, Archenweyerer Weg 1, D-76872 Steinweiler, Germany, Tel: +49 6349 9630981, Fax: +49 6349 9630983, Managing Director: Edwin Reichel